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The Wirly Wurly

This is an old school masterpiece that I bet everyone is really starting to miss. This is pro-style nostalgia satisfaction.

Ingredients: -Oil (to grease)

-500g Dark Chocolate

-225g Demerara Sugar

-175g Golden Syrup

-100g Sea Salt Butter

-30ml Water

-30g Liquid Glucose

-1 Vanilla Pod

Equipment: -Marble Slab

-Metal Scraper

-Heavy Based Saucepan

-Candy Thermometer


-2 Palette knives

# -Wire Rack



1-Lightly grease the marble slab and metal scraper with the oil.

2-Mix the sugar, syrup, butter, water, and glucose into the saucepan. Use a knife to cut the vanilla pod open and scrape the seeds into the mixture and also add the empty pod. Cook on a low heat until the sugar dissolves.

3-Increase the heat and boil continuing to cook until the temperature has reached 132 degrees Celcius. Carefully remove the vanilla pod and pour the mixture onto the oiled marble slab.

4-As the toffee sets on the edges, use the oiled scraper to gradually move the mixture from the outside towards the centre. Continue this until the caramel has cooled and can be handled.

5-Divide the toffee into little balls of 30g. Take one ball of 30 g and divide into three equal parts; roll each 10g ball into a strand to the length of 35cm, then taketh three strands and press the ends together at one side.

6-Loosely plait the strands so gaps remain between each strand and when you have reached the end push the strand ends firmly together. Do this for the remaining toffee.

7-Use a hot knife to cut off the ends of each plait and let cool in a dry area for a minimum of 2 hours.

8-Melt the dark chocolate - place the Curley Wurleys on the wire rack and pour the chocolate over each one. Tap the bars to remove bubbles; use two palette knives to place each bar on baking paper. Let sit for 1-2 hours.

This is living the 1970's dream in the 2020s. So simple and yet so fun to eat.

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