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Caramel Bars

The mouth-watering smell of cooking sugar floods the kitchen with these charming chocolate caramel bars. Something so tasty shouldn't be so easy.

Ingredients: -500g Dark Chocolate

-120ml Whipping Cream

-1 Vanilla Pod

-250g Caster Sugar

-40g Liquid Glucose

-200g Salted Butter (Cubed)

Equipment: -Saucepan

-Sharp Knife

-Heavy Based Saucepan


-Shallow Tray


-Piping Bag

-Chocolate Bar Mould

1-Put the cream into the saucepan and using the sharp knife split the vanilla pod then scrape the seeds into the cream along with the empty pods. Bring to boil, then remove from heat and leave to settle for 30 minutes.

2-Heat the empty heavy-based saucepan. When it is hot add a third of the sugar with the liquid glucose and heat slowly until it all the sugar crystals have dissolved into a light caramel.

3-Gradually add the last of the sugar and continue to cook until the caramel becomes amber coloured. This will take up to 10 minutes.

4-Gradually add cream to the caramels removing the vanilla pods as you do.

5-Add the butter cube by cube, and pour into a shallow tray.

6- Melt the chocolate and coat the chocolate bar moulds. Let sit for 30 minutes.

7-Spoon the cool caramel into the piping bag and cut a little off of the end to create a small hole. Pipe the caramel into the lined moulds until they are four-fifths full.

8- With the remaining chocolate seal the bars and leave to set 1-2 hours in a cool dry place before removing bars from the moulds.

Hey presto, we have luxurious caramel bars ready to go!

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