My Choc O' Leight - Artisan Chocolatier

I am the proud owner of an artisan chocolate company called My Choc O' Leight, I have had a very interesting journey through creating this company. Sign up and keep up to date with our story.

Leight Kendrick, Director


 Our origins derive from recent years of media presenting discussions on the quality of mainstream chocolate.
The general census reached by those involved was that the sizes of products were decreasing; and that prices were continuing to increase disproportionally.

There is also the matter of purity.


 Most mass-produced chocolate sold to the public is artificially enhanced using common and cheap ingredients such as palm oils, fats, emulsifiers, artificial flavourings, and preservatives.

 My curiosity about the 'real chocolate' flavour [without additives and chemicals] sparked my first attempts to create and temper plain chocolate. 

 The first attempts were not as successful as I had hoped. The most notable hurdle was the sandstone consistency of my raw plain chocolate. At which time was almost impossible to solve - with the belief that is was the quality of the ingredients used.


Never the less, I persevered with the new challenge eventually overcoming the difficulties and finally produced a quality bar of chocolate.

A genuine passion for creating chocolate was born. I carried on to developing new techniques and experimenting with flavourings, colourings & casting. Passion developed into a livelihood and thus My Choc O' Leight.


We have used chocolates from around the world: Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Madagascar, Kerala (India), Java (Indonesia), and Papua. Each using the finest single origins and world recognised gourmet blends of the finest Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario, that have been hand-selected and harvested by highly skilled farmers.  In addition to this great collection, we have also created our Raw, Vegan, and Diabetic ranges.

We provide you with the best products and services, with no compromise to quality.

At My Choc O' Leight we value nature and the environment. My Choc O' Leight is developing as an ecologically friendly Company by reducing our impact on the environment and the planet and so sustainability.

Buying our products that are in 100% biodegradable packaging helps to contribute to the security and stability of the delicate natural wonders of the Earth; including preventing our rivers, lakes, freshwaters, and the oceans from contaminants such as non-biodegradable plastics and environmentally hazardous chemicals.

Resourcing our ingredients responsibly; we have helped to maintain food sustainability, preventing

human-wildlife conflicts, supporting sustainable development, aiding the prevention of illegal trades,

and tackling deforestation.