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My Choc O' Leight - Artisan Chocolatier

My Choc O’ Leight is an ecologically conscious

Chocolate Company with a passion for

creating Artisan Chocolate. 

In recent years many media articles appeared, discussing the quality of mainstream chocolate products
manufactured by large commercial corporations. The general census reached by all involved was that

the sizes of products were decreasing; and that prices were continuing to

increase disproportionally.

The purity of mass-produced chocolate sold to the public was also consistently artificially enhanced
with the inclusion of palm oils, fats, emulsifiers,
artificial flavourings, and preservatives.


 My curiosity of what 'real chocolate' would taste like [without additives

         and chemicals] lead to my first attempts at tempering pure plain

              chocolate. The first several attempts resulted in frustration.

 The sandstone consistency of my raw chocolate was almost impossible

                   to solve - no matter the quality of the ingredients used.

 However, I persevered with the challenge, and overcame the difficulties

                          and finally produced a quality bar of chocolate.

I enjoyed developing new techniques, and experimenting with flavourings, colourings & casting for different                effects. I decided to try and turn my passion into a livelihood. So, I started investing my savings, and 

                                                                                         My Choc O' Leight was born.

                                                                                              Two and a half years later we are proud to be able to show you are 

                                                                                                 website showcasing the current range of our finest handmade


                                                                                         We use a variety of chocolates including Belgian style, made with West

                                                                                           African Forastero beans; as well as the finest single-origin Colombian

                                                                                                   Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario, which are hand-selected and                                                                                                                              harvested by highly skilled Colombian farmers.

                                                                                                                  We have also created our raw chocolate range.
                                                                                           We want to provide you with the best products and services, with no                                                                                                                                                           compromise to quality.

                                                                                                We work hard to give you naturally indulgent artisan chocolate.

                                                                                             At My Choc O' Leight we value nature and the environment. We see                                                                                                 ourselves within it. We are striving to develop My Choc O' Leight as a                                                                                             Company which is reducing, as much as is possible and practical,
                                                                                              our impact on the environment and the planet.

We hope to contribute to the security and stability of the
delicate natural wonders of the Earth; including preventing our rivers, lakes, freshwaters, and the oceans from contaminants such as non-biodegradable plastics and environmentally hazardous chemicals. 

We also resource our ingredients responsibly; helping to maintain food sustainability, preventing

human-wildlife conflicts, supporting sustainable development, aiding prevention of illegal trades,

and tackling deforestation.

 My Choc O' Leight offers On-site Workshops/Demonstrations, Chocolate tempering classes,

Bespoke chocolate orders, Chocolate fountain hire,  Functions and Events, Wedding favours

and much more, please get in touch to find out more about the 

Wonderful World of My Choc O' Leight.